Our Plant Sale Begins!

Hello everyone,

We know you have been highly anticipating the plant sale and we are so excited to bring you a contactless way to order your plants for the summer!

Please read this guide below as it will help you navigate the online store and make for a smooth checkout process.

Purchasing Your Plants

Just like in the greenhouse, we use Square to collect our payments and are using the same software, just online. You can pay via any major credit card. If you do not have access to a credit card, please email your order to orders@inuvikgreenhouse.com and include your contact information and pickup/delivery preference. You will receive an invoice from us and you will be able to EMT to pay the cost of the order. We currently do not accept cash. 

Plants and Prices 

For this years plant sale prices, you can find them here: 

Individual herbs, vegetables, and flowers are $3. 

Indoor plants are $5.

6-pack flowers at $7.

2020 Memberships to access a 5% discount are $25. 

We have various garden supplies for sale as well!


If you would like to purchase a membership before using the Greenhouse 5% discount, you will have to order it separately from your plant orders so we can contact you with information regarding your Membership and how to use the discount! We will be cross-referencing all customers who use discounts to ensure they are members before fulfilling the order. You need to be a Member to use the discount. 

Pickup and Delivery 

We will be operating a pickup and delivery option to manage orders for this season. The delivery fee will be $6 (however, it will be free on orders of over $100). Pickup is free. This system will be new for us, so we ask for your patience! We expect to be accepting an influx of orders during our opening week (we know you’re all so excited) and we expect to be packing orders and organizing them the week after. We hope to have your order prepared for delivery and pickup within 7 business days 

Returns and exchanges

We will be checking your orders for accuracy prior to leaving the greenhouse. If we make a mistake in your order, you will be able to contact us to exchange your plants. We will not be offering returns. If we run out of stock prior to being able to fill your order, we will work with you to offer alternatives. In the case where no alternatives are available, a refund will be made.

Visit our online store here: https://inuvikgreenhouse.square.site/

Thank you for your enthusiasm and we look forward to a fruitful garden season with you all. 

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