A big reason for the success of the Inuvik Greenhouse is the dedicated staff. In 2022, we are pleased to welcome back some of our fantastic staff. You will easily be able to tell if they are working or not thanks to their STAFF shirts, made at the INNOVATE, Centre for Arts, Crafts and Technology.

Adi Scott – Coordinator

Adi is originally from the United Kingdom, but has been here in Inuvik for more than three years.

Adi runs a Potato Experiment!

“I. Love. Plants.” Playing in the dirt is her happy place, and she loves learning about the community, the people and the plants. It’s her passion.

Adi loves how the greenhouse is “like a whole different world in there,” especially when the season starts: “There is still snow on the ground, and you’re surrounded by green life!”

Adi is looking forward to meeting more community members, swapping stories and learning so much more about Inuvik and the possibilities of it’s powerhouse 24/7 daylight.

Adi can be reached at coordinator@inuvikgreenhouse.com

Whitley Vanderpost

Whitley moved to Inuvik from Ontario, and is now a Northerner!

She is keen on learning more about gardening and plants, and is inspired by the hard work and dedication put into ensuring fresh food for the Northern communities.

Whitley is the office administration “pro” working behind the scene to ensure the operation flows smoothly at the greenhouse.

Whitley can be reached at info@inuvikgreenhouse.com