Our new plant sale format is mostly online… but the platform we used previously isn’t being particularly user friendly. SO, we have all of the plants with info available at inuvikgreenhouse.square.site but to place an order DO NOT try and order there.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the Order Form here

2. Look at all the pretty plants on http://inuvikgreenhouse.square.site

3. Fill out the downloaded form

4. Send to orders@inuvikgreenhouse.com

If you have any issues, contact Adi at admin@inuvikgreenhouse.com, or call 867-678-0399

What happens next? We go through and double check inventory, and send you an invoice. You will need to pay by EMT, and we will start organizing pick ups for after the May long weekend. We do not let plants go before that, because they are small and the weather is fickle! If you REALLY need to make alternative arrangements, let us know.

We know, this isn’t ideal. We thank you for your extreme patience! We will also have 25% of plants available at a market at the end of May.

NOTE: Seed potatoes, rhubarb, lettuces, chards, kale are not on this form yet!! They will be added as a sale soon.